Since I did my last DITL post back in March, I thought it was time to do another one. It’s a new semester with a different class schedule. I love reading about other people’s days, so I hope you like reading about mine.


I started off my day by waking up to my alarm clock. A few minutes later I was downstairs in the kitchen putting together breakfast. This time I went with corn flakes, vanilla yogurt, and an orange. While I ate I watched the morning news. I need some time in the morning to wake up completely, so watching the news is a good way for me to do that. I then got dressed for the day and quickly checked my email and printed off some PowerPoint slides for class before leaving for school. For the last few months I’ve started listening to podcasts in the car. Today I listened to the latest Black Tapes podcast. It’s a must if you like the creepy and the strange. It’s currently in it’s second season and I always look forward to new episodes.


In my bio mechanics class we were talking about good posture and injuries that can lead to bad posture. I know I’m definitely guilty of having bad posture sometimes – it’s so much more easier (and less work) than making sure I’m sitting up straight or walking with my shoulder back instead of hunched forward. Since it’s a three hour class we get a break halfway through. One of my classmates recently got back from the UK, and he brought us all back his favorite British candy.


On my way back home from school I finished up the Black Tapes podcast I’d started earlier in the day and then got started making lunch. I decided to heat up some curry that I’d gotten at the farmer’s market on the weekend. The guy I buy it from knows that I like the mild chicken curry, so when he sees me coming he pulls one out for me. Besides heating the curry up all I had to do was cook up some brown rice to go with it. Super easy but tasty lunch!


After lunch I got started on an assignment that’s due at the end of the week. I had to put together six weeks of workouts for a made up person who has back and shoulder injuries. It was a ton of work, but I learned a lot doing it. You have to be pretty careful prescribing exercises when there’s a back injury so I had to make sure that the program I put together could be done safely without causing any further back problems.

Wild Blue Flax

After a few hours I needed a break from homework so I spent some time in the backyard doing a bit of weeding and enjoying the pretty flowers that are blooming right now. I think my favorite at the moment are these wild blue flax. They’re so delicate looking and blow in the wind because they’re fairly tall – just so beautiful.


I started feeling hungry so I went inside and had a snack of raspberries. I saw them at the grocery store the day before and debated about if I wanted to get them or not. I ended up deciding to, and I’m so glad I did because they’re delicious! Afterwards I spent some time answering emails and getting some blog stuff done.


For dinner I made sauteed chicken, veggies, and brown rice. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it hit the spot. There were lots of leftovers so I’ll have lunches ready to go for the next few days. After cleaning up the kitchen I spent some time on the couch watching TV. Before I knew it I was yawning so I decided to go to bed. After changing into my PJ’s I got into bed, set my alarm for the next morning, and turned off the light.


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Day in the Life – June 2016