Today I’m sharing an upper body at home workout on the blog.

Usually I like to schedule posts for first thing in the morning, but this one is a bit late because I had my exercise physiology midterm this morning. I was busy studying when I normally would have been putting this post together. The midterm was easier than I was expecting (yes!), and I’m pretty sure I let out a sigh of relief as I walked out of the classroom once I was done. It’s a big weight off my shoulders.

It’s time for another workout here on GFF. This one is an upper body workout, focusing on the arms and shoulders, along with a little back and chest as well. I tend to gravitate towards creating lower body ones, so I made sure to create an upper body workout this time. The only equipment you need are dumbbells so it’s a great one to do at home if you have a pair or two. Remember to do a 5 to 10 minute warm up and cool down before and after doing the workout below.

Remember to keep good form throughout the entire minute of each exercise. If your form is compromised, move down to a lower weight. It’s more important to do the exercise correctly than it is to lift heavier.

Upper body workout

While I think most of the exercises are pretty common, here’s are links to all the strength moves in case you want a refresher:

And here are the cardio ones:

I did this workout to test it out, and I have to admit that my arms were like jello by the time I was done. The cardio bursts kept my heart rate up throughout the strength portions too. If you’re interested in other workouts I’ve made, check out my newly created workouts page to find them all in one spot.

Be sure to check out all the other workouts I’ve created on the Workout page. And if you’re looking for some dumbbells to use at home, I really like these ones (affiliate link).

What’s your favorite exercise to include in an upper body at home workout?

As always, honor your body and modify as needed. Talk to your doctor before starting to exercise. 

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Upper Body At Home Workout