Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian readers. I hope you’re enjoying the day off from work and the first unofficial long weekend of the summer! While the weather here in Calgary has been less than fantastic (rain for the last few days and even snow yesterday morning), I’m making the most of my extra day off and studying for my exercise physiology midterm on Wednesday. It would be a lot harder to be inside sitting at my desk if it was beautiful outside. Not as exciting as I’d like a long weekend to be, but school is the priority right now.

Recently Discovered Beers and Ciders

Since I noticed I had quite a few photos of beer and ciders on my phone that I haven’t shared yet on the blog, I thought I’d do a whole post about them. I’m a huge fan of ciders so there will be quite a few of them along with the beers.

Angry Orchard Cider

I thought this one was perfectly crisp without being too sweet. Although I have a sweet tooth, I don’t particularly like my ciders to be too sweet. I’ll definitely be picking this one up again.

Crabbie's Raspbeery Ginger Beer

I’m typically not a big fan of ginger beers. I keep trying different kinds, trying to like them, but it’s a flavor that’s just not for me. When my boyfriend tasted this one he encouraged me to try it too. Surprisingly there wasn’t much ginger flavor. The sweetness of the raspberry covered it up. I ended up really liking it and stole quite a few sips from him.

Phillip's Dark Sour Grape Must

Sour beers are hit and miss for me. Sometimes I really like them, and sometimes they’re too overpowering. This one had a good balance of the sour and grape flavors. If I see it again at the liquor store I’ll be buying it again.

Savanna Cider

While Savanna cider isn’t technically new to me (I first tried it last year), it’s definitely been awhile since I last bought one. It’s from South Africa (hence the name), and is a perfectly dry cider. It’s right up there with my favorites.

Tempt Elderflower Cider

While I’ve never seen this cider in stores, my boyfriend managed to find it for me, thinking I would like it after falling in love the Strongbow elderflower cider. He was right and I really enjoyed it. The elderflower balanced out the apple perfectly without being too sweet.

Watermelon Lime Ale

My dad and brother tease me for liking fruity beers. This one was utterly delicious and right up my alley. The watermelon and lime were great together, and not a flavor combination that I would have thought of on my own. It definitely worked though.

What’s the tastiest new beer or cider that you’ve tried lately? 

Recently Discovered Beers and Ciders