Fiasco Gelato Lemon Raspberry Beer Sorbetto

Over the weekend I found this lemon raspberry beer sorbetto from Fiasco Gelatto. They worked with Village Brewery (another Calgary business) to make it. It doesn’t get much more local than that. I wasn’t quite sure if I’d like it with the beer, but it totally works with the lemon and raspberry. If you happen to find a pint of it, give it a try.

Rekorderlig Apple Cider

I also gave this limited edition Rekorderlig a try on Sunday. I’ve had Rekorderlig ciders before (and really liked them), but I this was the first time drinking this one. While I drank it cold, I think it would have been interesting to give it a try hot.

Biomechanics Notes

Two days into the spring semester and I already know there’s going to be a ton of work ahead of me. I’m not complaining though because the two classes I’m taking (exercise physiology and biomechanics) are super interesting to me. I’ll get to learn all the little details about how the body works while exercising and exactly how it moves. I’m also looking forward to being at my internship site and learning lots from the trainers there.

All of our classes are in the same classroom this semester. It was interesting trying to find it for the first time yesterday. The way I went led me to a small floor half way between the second and third floors. It was really strange to find 5 or 6 offices there and that was it. I eventually managed to find the classroom. The way that the university has been built over the years means that there’s all kinds of little hallways and stairwells and hidden classrooms. I’m still trying to figure out the most efficient way to and from the parkade to the classroom.

I have a much anticipated massage appointment in a few hours. I’ll get my upper back and shoulders worked on – they’re always so tight! Because it’s a student run practice we can’t request a specific person, but everyone I’ve had so far has been great. They know what they’re doing and I end up feeling amazing afterwards.

Tonight I have a YYC Pizza Week planning meeting. I’m helping to organize it this year. While I’ve participated in previous years (aka eaten pizza), as a volunteer this year I had no idea how much hard work going into making it happen. We always meet at a local coffee shop or restaurant for our meetings, and tonight’s is going to be at Roosevelt. I haven’t been there before so I’m excited to check it out. The special today is half price flat breads so I have a feeling I might be getting one of those.

What’s your favorite locally made food? 

And a New Semester Starts