It’s been a few days since I last posted. Whoops. So today I thought I’d catch you up on what I’ve been up to lately.

Since I finished my finals on April 7 I’ve been trying to work as many hours as I can before the spring semester starts on Monday. With no school to worry about during the break it’s amazing how much extra time I have to devote to making a bit of extra money.

I also had to take a first aid and CPR course for my upcoming internship. It was a long two days (going over first aid stuff isn’t very exciting), but I’m glad it’s done now. I’m good for three years now.

I also took a few days away from Calgary and drove up to Stoney Plain to visit some friends of mine. They moved up there almost two years ago now, but I hadn’t been to see them yet (though they’ve been to Calgary lots of times). They have three little ones who are always fun to spend time with. We read a ton of books as well as visited more parks than I’ve been to in the last year. Once the kids were in bed for the night we watched The Big Short. It was really good – really how can you go wrong with Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, and Steve Carell all in one movie?

The second night we ended up playing Settlers of Catan. We played it twice and I won the second game! My strategy was to build settlements and then upgrade them as quickly as I could to cities to get more cards. It was a pretty night race though cause we were all within two points of each other.

I was only there for three days, but it was so much fun to spend some time with them. Even getting out of the city for a few days felt great.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I got together for lunch. I was craving Indian food, so we walked over to Mango Shiva. We ordered the samosas and butter chicken and shared it. I’d never been there before, but the inside is gorgeous and the food was really good. I’ll definitely be back.

Spring semester starts tomorrow. While I’ve really enjoyed having a break between semesters, I’m ready to get back at it. I’m taking exercise physiology, movement mechanics, and doing my internship. Since the semester is only two months long all of out classes are three hours long. Thankfully they’re all in the morning, otherwise I think I’d have a hard time concentrating that long in the afternoon. It’s going to be a busy semester with lots of work, but I’m really excited about the classes, as well as getting to be out learning at my internship site.

What’s the last movie you watched? Board game you’ve played?

Road trips, Indian Food, and School

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