Since it’s been a few months since I’ve done my last Day in the Life post, I thought I’d do another one today (check out my last one here).

Since I have to be at school early today I have my alarm set for 6:00 am. I’m one of those people who needs time to wake up in the morning before I start going, so I always add in a little bit of buffer time. Once I’ve showered, eaten, and gotten by books and assignment together for school, I dead off.

There was next to no traffic on the way there, so I’m early. I end up finding some classmates who are also a bit early for class and we end up talking about finals. None of us can believe that they’re already happening next week. During class I hand in my last assignment of the semester (it feels go good!), and take in everything the prof has to say during our review class. I’m so grateful when we get review classes at the end of the semester.


After getting home from school and reheating some leftovers for lunch, I spend some time studying for my nutrition final. I’m very grateful it’s only covering content since the midterm, though there’s still a lot to know. After about an hour I decided to take a quick 10 minute break and then start back studying, but this time for my strength training class.

spring plants

I decided to take a break from sitting at my desk and studying so I spent some time in the backyard. We’ve had a really warm an dry spring this year, so the plants are starting to grow earlier than they would normally. I bought these plants from work last summer, so since they’re perennials they’re really going to get big this year. The three in the front are forget-me-nots. They’re so pretty with their blue petals and yellow centres. The three in the back are old man’s whiskers or prairie smoke (click here if you want to see a photo of them blooming to see why they have the name they do). They’re both native plants to Alberta, so they’ll survive even if we get cold and snowy weather before the spring is done.

citrus tofu

For dinner I cooked up some citrus tofu from my favorite vegan Vietnamese restaurant in Calgary (Hearts Choices) along with some frozen veggies and rice. It’s a meal that’s pretty easy to make and always makes leftovers, so it’s great for days when I need to take a lunch with me to school.

Girl Guide Cookies March 30 2016

After dinner I get some more studying done (this time it’s for my program design class). After an hour and a half I decide that I can’t fit anymore information in my head for the day and eat a couple girl guide cookies while relaxing on the couch watching TV. I was in guiding for ten years as kid and I’m sure I sold hundreds of boxes of cookies during that time. Whenever the girls come to the door wanting to know if I want to buy any I always get a box or two.

Rebels of Ireland book

Since I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open I figure it’s time to head to bed. After washing my face and changing into my PJ’s I get into bed and read The Rebels of Ireland (affiliate link) for about half an hour. It’s the second book of two about Ireland. Now that I know a bit about the history of Ireland, it’s on my list of places to travel to. Just about every place that’s described in the book sounds beautiful, particularly Glendalough – I’d love to go hiking there.

Once I’m done reading I turn off the light and I’m off to dreamland.

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