Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a good long weekend. It was great to have Friday off from work and school. Although I didn’t do anything fun and exciting, I did get some homework done. While I do have to go into work today, I don’t have any classes. My plan to finish up an assignment this afternoon. It’s hard to believe that this is the last week of classes and finals start on Monday.

Snapchat Profile March 28 2016

Before I get into this month’s playlist I wanted to share that I’m now on Snapchat. I’ve been fighting getting on another form of social media, but I finally took the plunge. Although it took some getting used to (I didn’t find it very user friendly at first), I think I have the hang of it now. If you want to add me my username is getfitfiona. It feels a little less formal to me compared to other forms of social media. I think it might be because of how short lived snaps are. Before you know it, they’re gone!

Usually I create a new workout playlist every month or so (click here if you want to check out previous ones). It keeps me from getting bored of the same music when I’m at the gym. I figure one more thing getting me motivated to work hard is always a good thing! Although I didn’t really like Meghan Trainor’s first single, I’m really enjoying No. I know I had Hotline Bling on a playlist a couple months ago, but I just can’ get enough of that song. You can’t go wrong with Drake. I also added a few older songs by Madonna and Fatboy Slim. I remember Right Here, Right Now was released when I was in junior high or high school.

Workout Playlist Small March 28 2016

What’s one song that’s on your current workout playlist?

Workout Playlist