Another week is done! I had to get back into the swing of things as classes started back up after Reading Week last week. As much as I enjoyed not having to go to classes last week, I’m definitely happy to be back at school. You know you’re taking something you’re passionate and interested in when you miss school!

This week we were in the gym twice for two different classes. Wednesday we did some plyometrics work along with speed, agility, and quickness training. I got lots of great ideas to use with future clients. Yesterday we worked on Olympic lifting. To be honest it’s not something I’d done before, so it was great to spend time learning about correct form. We also got to practice each movement a bunch to really get a feel for it.

It’s time for another workout here on GFF. I put together a lower body workout. All you need are a pair of dumbbells for this one. I thought I’d divide this one up a bit differently to spice things up a little. Do each set of four exercises two or three times before moving onto the next  set.

Lower Body Workout

I think I used fairly common exercises, but here are links to all the moves in case you’re not sure about any of them:

I tested this workout last week, and my legs felt like jello by the time I was done! None of the moves seem too hard on their own, but when you put them together you really feel it.

Be sure to check out all the other workouts I’ve created on the Workout page.

Remember to always honor your body and do what feels good for you. If a particular move doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, or modify it. As always, check with your doctor before starting to exercise. 

What was your favorite workout this week? 

Lower Body Workout

2 thoughts on “Lower Body Workout

  • May 10, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    I can confirm this makes your legs feel like jello haha. I printed this out over the weekend and gave it a shot earlier today. Thanks for sharing for those of us who prefer to workout at home!

    • May 12, 2016 at 7:31 am

      I’m glad you liked it!

      I’m right there with you about working out at home. Even with a gym membership sometimes I want an at home version.

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