I’m sharing some of my top tips on how to schedule workouts into a bust schedule.

How to Schedule Workouts into a Busy Schedule February 8 2016Small

Between being a full time student and working part time, I can sometimes find it hard to get in my workouts each week. There always seems to be something that comes up even though I have the best of intentions. Today I thought I’d share some tips that help me to schedule workouts into my schedule.

First off, make your workouts a priority. If they’re not at the top of your list it’s easy to put them off until “later” – which ends up never happening. If being healthy and staying active is important to you, you won’t be willing to make excuses. When I’m feeling tired and unmotivated I like to remind myself that not only is a good sweat session good for me physically, but also mentally.

Schedule workouts into your day. Every Sunday I plan my week, including classes, my work schedule, and workouts. For example, if I’m working out 4 times per week on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I’ll write down what times that I’ll be working out on each of those days. On Monday nights there’s a barre class that I like to take at the gym at school. On Friday nights there’s a great restorative yoga class I like to go to at my favorite yoga studio. On those days I have to factor in travel time to and from the classes as well. If I’m working out from home on Monday and Wednesday then I don’t need to block out quite as much time.

I find I’m much more likely to stick with my workout schedule if I’m planning on doing a workout that I enjoy. Having a fun workout makes all the difference when my motivation is low and I’m contemplating skipping it all together. Looking forward to it instead of dreading it is a big part of actually getting it done.

Workout first thing in the morning. Unless I’m going to a class, I like to get my workouts done right away. Not only do I start off the day feeling good (thank you endorphins), but I immediately feel productive. It’s easy to sometimes feel like I haven’t gotten anything accomplished some days, but if my workout is already done before I’ve even left the house, I already have one thing crossed off my to do list. Check out this post I wrote about how to workout in the morning.

My last tip is to workout with a friend. I’m much less likely to skip a workout if I know I’ll be meeting someone for a class or for a hike. I’ll be more likely to follow through if I know that I have to text someone to cancel. If they’re expecting me, I’ll most likely make sure I’m there. Getting someone else involved means it’s not just me I have to think about, but also them.

Leave a comment below about how you fit workouts into your schedule. 

How to Schedule Workouts into a Busy Schedule

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  • February 10, 2016 at 10:20 am

    For me I have to workout first thing in the morning or it doesn’t happen. I find as it gets later in the day, my motivation goes further and further down. These are all awesome tips, thanks for sharing!

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