I know I’ve been writing a lot about school lately, but I’m really loving it. I love that my profs have spent decades in the fitness industry. Not only do they have educations to back up their knowledge, but they also have real world experience. I love that our time is spent in the classroom and the gym. Not only do we learn who and why our bodies work, but we also get to put our knowledge into practice right away instead of waiting until we graduate. I also think there’s some things that you can only learn when you’re actually doing it. I’m sure that will give me an advantage after I graduate and I’m job hunting.

New Balance Shoes January 29 2016

If you follow me on Instagram (follow me here) you’ll know that I got a new pair of shoes this week. I decided on these ones (affiliate link) from New Balance. I’d worn my way through the first layer of sole on the bottom so that the cushioning layer was visible. I probably should have gotten a new pair awhile ago. Whoops. I’m really happy with my new ones. I’ve worn them for a couple workouts so far and they give me the cushioning I want while also having the stability I need.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Saturday and Sunday I’ll be attending an AFLCA group fitness certification course. I’m pretty excited that I’ll be able to add a group fitness certification to my resume soon. I still have one more day long class to take in February before I can take the exams. I’m looking forward to learning lots this weekend. If you’re interested in my thoughts on the AFLCA exercise theory course, check out my post on it here.

Do you have a favorite brand of shoe? 

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