Happy hump day! I’m grateful the week is already half over. My classes for the rest of week will be in the gym at school instead of a classroom. Today we’re doing cardio and circuit workouts for my program design class, and tomorrow we’ll be in the weight room looking at bench press and upper body push movements for my resistance training class. As important as it is to have technical knowledge about each movement, it’s a completely different kind of learning actually being able to do the workouts and exercises.

Last night I tried something that I’d never done before – I got a massage! There’s a massage therapy program at my school as part of the continuing education department. They sometimes run a practicum clinic where you can book an hour long massage with a student. I decided to give it a try so I booked an appointment a few weeks ago. I’m so glad I did because it felt so good! The massage therapy student I had did a great job. Before she started we talked a bit about what I wanted (relaxation) and any issues (I’m super ticklish). I thought she was awesome. As I was leaving I realized how much more relaxed I was. I didn’t think I was holding that much tension in my body, but apparently I was. The appointments book up pretty quick cause the massages are crazy affordable (I only paid $20 because I’m a student), but I managed to snag another appointment at the end of February.

It’s time for another workout playlist here on GFF. Lately I’ve been pretty picky about what kind of music I listen to, so it was fun to put together this playlist with some new favorites. Did anyone else watch Selena Gomez on Saturday Night Live this last weekend? I thought she did a great job with Same Old Love, which I of course had to add to the playlist.

Workout Playlist January 2016

Most of the songs are new ones, but I did add a couple older ones from Shakira and The Pussycat Dolls. This makes me feel old, but I’m pretty sure they were both released about ten years ago. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long! I remember listening to them when I was doing my undergrad – and I graduated in 2006! If you want to check out my last playlist, you can find it here.

Leave a comment below with a song that’s on your workout playlist. 

Workout Playlist and a New Experience