Happy Monday. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is in only 4 days! It always gets busy around the holidays, but it feels more so this year for some reason. I hope you all had a great weekend with at least a little down time, cause I have a feeling this coming weekend is going to be non stop. My weekend was pretty low key. It included some time hanging out at home as well as a date night on Saturday. It was a pretty good combination of relaxing and being out. Since it’s been awhile since I’ve shared some of my favorite blogs, I thought I’d share a few more today. I’m always curious what blogs other people read, so I thought I’d give you a peek into what’s in my Feedly.

My Favorite Blogs December 21 2015

I’m been reading Lauren Gleisberg’s blog since the summer. I can’t remember how I found out about her, but I instantly fell in love with her workouts. Most of them can be modified to do at home or for injuries, which is great if I don’t have to the time to drive to the gym. They make me work hard too, so the workouts feel like they fly by. She also posts some pretty tasty looking recipes. While I haven’t made any yet, I do have some pinned on Pinterest.

Deryn writes the Running on Real Food blog. She shares vegan recipes that look absolutely amazing! While I’m not vegan, I do enjoy vegan meals once in awhile. One thing I sometimes find hard about making vegan recipes is that they can have some hard to find ingredients. Luckily with Deryn’s recipes I’ve been able to find all the recipe ingredients at my local grocery store without having to stop 2 or 3 places to find that one ingredient that no one seems to carry. If you want to check out a recipe of hers, I’d suggest these nut free chewy granola bars.

The last blog I wanted to share today is the She Rocks Fitness blog written by Katie. I believe she has a kinesiology degree as well as a personal training certification, so the workouts she posts are great. If you want to get an idea of one, check out this outdoor workout. It would be easily modified to do in a gym though with a piece of cardio equipment. As well as workouts, she also blogs about recipes that she comes up with.

Clearly I like blogs that are all about workouts and recipes. I love getting new ideas. Spicing up both my food and fitness keeps things interesting and helps to keep me motivated.

Leave a comment below with a one of your favorite blogs.

My Favorite Blogs