Studying at Work December 18 2015

Another week is over! I’m finishing up working today at school and then I’ll be done both work and school until January. I’m going to really enjoy that time off. I’ve been pretty lucky that when it’s been slow this week at work I’ve been able to sneak in a little studying for my AFLCA certification (check out my post on Wednesday for more details on it).

Winter 2016 Semester Textbooks December 18 2015

Speaking of school, I got a few textbooks for the winter semester. I went by the used book sale to see if I could find any of the books I needed. Unfortunately I didn’t, but I did pick up a physiology textbook and study guide for $5. I figure even if I only use them to study for the midterm and final it’ll have been worth it. To avoid standing in line in January I went over to the bookstore afterwards. I’m taking strength training and nutrition classes next semester, so that’s what these ones are for. Thankfully I already have the textbooks for my physiology and program design classes, so I only had to buy two books from the bookstore this semester. Yay for saving money!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you’ll know that on Monday Adele announced that she’ll be touring in 2016. As soon as I heard her announcement I knew I was going to try to get tickets. Seeing as how lucky I was to get U2 tickets, I was kind of expecting Adele tickets to sell out before I could get one. After a wait that felt like forever on the Ticketmaster website though, I finally got confirmation that I had gotten a ticket! I think it helped that I was only tying to get one ticket instead of a pair or more of them. I’ll be sitting in the lower bowl which I’m pretty excited about because I usually don’t like to spend that much on concert tickets. But I figured it was Adele and I might not have another opportunity like this to see her again, so I splurged. The above video is one of my favorite performances of hers. She sang Rolling in the Deep at the Grammy’s and the intro she sings gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

Flipping Burgers December 18 2015

Earlier in the week I went with my dad to a doctor’s appointment. Afterwards we decided to go out for lunch. We ended up at Flippin’ Burgers, one of my dad’s favorite burger places. As usual the food was delicious. I went with a cheeseburger on a brown bun with lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. While the restaurant isn’t very big, it makes up for it in vibe. The staff are always super friendly and the place has a great retro feel to it with all the framed photos on the wall.

Sidewalk Citizen Brownie December 18 2015

Once we were done eating we walked around the corner to check out Sidewalk Citizen. They’re a bakery that has all kinds of delicious stuff – from pizzas to croissants. I have yet to go in there and not find a million things that I wanted to try. I went with a huge piece of brownie. It was just as delicious as as it looks in the photo. It was pretty rich though so it ended up eating it over a few days. If you’re in the Calgary area and you haven’t been to Sidewalk Citizen before, you have to check it out. I’ve also had a few slices of their pizza which is also super tasty. Even the veggie pizza (which can sometimes be underwhelming) was really good.

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What was the best part of your week? 

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