I’m very happy the week is over! I wrote my last final yesterday afternoon so I’m now done school until classes start again on January 4th! I have to admit though, it does feel a little weird to not have any homework or studying to do, considering there’s always been something that needs to be worked on since classes started in September.

Old Haircut December 11 2015

I completely forgot to share my new haircut! As you can see from the before picture it had been a long time since I’d last gotten it cut. I’d rather sleep than spend too much time on my hair in the mornings, so having it that long meant that I felt like I was blow drying it for forever. I knew I wanted side swept bangs and some length taken off the bottom. I had pinned a few photos on Pinterest of some ideas, which I think really helped the stylist understand what I wanted.

New Haircut December 11 2015

I went to a different place than I usually go. I was so impressed. The stylist was awesome and asked lots of questions to make sure I got the haircut that I wanted. She gave the best scalp massage while she was washing my hair. Seriously – it felt amazing! Although it was a little bit more expensive than where I usually go, I thought it was well worth the extra money. I’ll definitely be back.

U2 on HBO Concert December 11 2015

Did anyone else watch the U2 concert on HBO? It was supposed to air back in November, but because of the Paris attacks U2 decided to cancel both their shows there. They rescheduled and played earlier this week. I went to the first show on their tour in Vancouver back in May (you can read about my trip here). I’m impressed to say that after months on the road and a worldwide tour, they had just as much enthusiasm during this concert as they did during their first one. They put on an amazing show – be sure to check it out on TV if you missed it the first time around.

Fiasco Gelato Christmas Flavors December 11 2015

I know I’ve mentioned Fiasco Gelato at least a few times on the blog before. Well this week I discovered that they have a few special flavors just in time for Christmas. I found these ones at the grocery store, and they apparently also have an eggnog flavor as well. I’m pretty sure any of those flavors would be delicious.

Curry Lunch December 11 2015

Since I’ve been so busy studying and getting ready for finals the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to make as many quick and easy (while still being healthy) meals as I can. It’s sometimes been tough to come up with ideas, but I think I’ve done a pretty good job. I picked up this chicken and veggie curry at the farmer’s market. It has chicken, potatoes, red bell pepper, carrots, and onions in it, and I made some brown rice to go with it. It’s really easy to prepare as I just have to heat it up.

Studying December 11 2015

Since my classes were done I spent most of my days getting ready for yesterday’s final. Thankfully it was just multiple choice and true false, with no short answer which made it a bit easier to study for. It only took me an hour to do even though we were allowed three. Quite a few people finished around the same time as me though so I think it was a shorter final in general. While I don’t have my mark back yet I’m feeling pretty confident that I did well.

Next week I’ll be working at school for a short term job. When I saw it advertised it sounded like a great opportunity as it started after my last final, but I’ll be finished before Christmas. While it’s not much, it’s still some extra money that I’ll be grateful to have.

Now that you know how my week was, share the highlight of yours in the comments below. 

Week in Review