In this post I’m sharing some of my top college school supplies as I get ready to go back to school.

college school supplies

Since classes are officially starting for me this week, I thought I’d share a few of my university essentials. Since this is my second time (I already have a bachelors degree in health sciences), I already know what I wanted to get to start off the school year on the right foot. Thankfully I already had most of these things since I’ve been taking online classes for the last two years, but I did have to pick up a few things.

University Essentials September 7 2015 (2)

Since the binder I was using for my school work was on it’s last legs (the back cover was about to fall off), I decided to get two new ones. Although I’m only taking three classes right now, I’ll have 4 classes each semester for the next two years. My plan is to put two classes in each binder. I splurged a bit and went with more sturdier binders. I’m hoping they’ll hold up for my entire program. I got different colors so I won’t confuse them and bring the wrong one with me to school. My plan is to put the names of the classes in each binder on the front, though I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet. I decided on these two inch binders (affiliate link).

University Essentials September 7 2015 (4)

Inside each binder I have 8 dividers (4 for each class), along with lots of paper. Unfortunately when I opened up the packages of dividers, they weren’t as sturdy as I would have liked. I’m not sure if they’ll last me the entire two years or not. I also got an extra two packages of paper which I haven’t put in the binders yet. I’m always surprised at how much paper I go through, so I figured that having some extra around the house would be a good idea.

University Essentials September 7 2015 (1)

My laptop is on it’s last legs, so I’ll be using my iPad mini (affiliate link) at school instead. I figure this will be handy when I want to see if lecture notes have been posted online. I’m hoping it won’t be too distracting in class and that I won’t find myself checking Twitter instead of paying attention to the professor.

College school supplies

I already had all of these college school supplies already thanks to my previous classes. Although I was taking those classes online, I still took notes with a pen and paper. I like to use different colors with my notes to help break up the page and highlight different information. A pencil and eraser are essential when I’m drawing a diagram to make something easier to understand. I use highlighters to highlight my textbooks and make sure I focus on the most important information.

I got the different colored post it tabs at the dollar store. They’re great for marking pages in my notes or textbooks. I use the square post it notes when I want to point something that I know will be on the test. I always find a calculator handy no matter what class I’m taking. A pencil case (also a dollar store buy) is a must have to make sure none of these small things get lost.

college school supplies

I’ve been using a day planner (affiliate link) since high school. I would be lost without it. I make sure to add classes, assignments, tests, work schedules, and social events in it to keep track of everything. Having a daily view is perfect. I can keep track of my schedule for each day. I’s also able to write a to do list with things I need to get accomplished. My planner also has a monthly view which is great to give me a general overview of what my time will look like.

college school supplies

I also like to keep track of assignments, readings, and notes that I need to get done in a small notebook. This was especially great for my online classes, as I wanted to make sure I stayed on track. It’s very easy to get behind when you don’t have an actual class to go to. I write everything that I need to do in a given week, and then divide it up into days. Once each thing gets accomplished it gets highlighted. I got this notebook from the dollar store.

What are your some of your college school supplies that you can’t live without? 

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College School Supplies