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It’s time for another Fit Friends Friday post. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer by email. I’m pretty excited to have a fellow Canadian healthy living blogger to feature today.

Could you share a little about yourself and your blog? ​My name is Jennifer and I write a blog called Montreal Runner Mom. ​It started out as a personal blog to chronicle my own fitness journey and has become so much more. Everything from a run club and book club to an accountability program for like minded moms in my community.

What are your favorite ways to be active? ​Running, Yoga, Dance​ either alone or with my kids!


What’s your proudest fitness accomplishment so far?​ ​Racing! I started out with a simple 2km just 2 years ago and by the end of this calendar year I will have completed my first full marathon.

How do you fit workouts and healthy eating into your schedule? ​Between running a business full-time (my husband and I own a dance & music studio) and managing our own kids and family life, it’s definitely not easy. I don’t work 9 am -5 pm like most people so I never have a regular schedule which means workouts can be all over the place. ​It’s all about carving out a little time here and there. Sometimes I run in the morning or teach a dance class in the afternoon. Other times I can only get in a quick 15 minute targeted workout in the evening. Then there’s times when all those things happen in the same day!


What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome in your healthy lifestyle journey? ​Trying to manage time for myself. ​I need to regroup with some quiet time and that is hard to carve out. I’m really big on self-development but it takes time and consistent commitment. I aim for early mornings before everyone is awake but if I don’t get enough sleep it doesn’t always happen.

What are three healthy living blogs you read for inspiration? ​Too many to count! I have met so many amazing people online who have become such a huge source of inspiration to me on my own journey. ​However my favorites are Zen Habits, Tim Ferriss and The Happiness Project -all 3 are not specifically about fitness but more about overall healthy and mindful living.


What’s your fitness philosophy?​ ​Balance and moderation. If you stray too far right it’s time to go left. Don’t get hung up on being perfect just have fun and enjoy each moment. Good health comes from good habits.

What are three of your favorite posts on your blog? ​Quitting Coffee Cold TurkeyRace To Find Time, and 5 Reasons Every Runner Should Practice Yoga.

How can people connect with you on social media?​ Instagram:@montrealrunnermom Twitter: @mtlrunnermom Facebook: Montreal Runner Mom Pinterest: Jennifer Florence

I love Jennifer’s approach to health and fitness. Moderation and fitting in workouts when there’s time is something I think a lot of people can relate to. Thanks to Jennifer for the interview and make sure you check out her blog

Fit Friends Friday

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