September 2015 Goals September 1 2015 550


Another month has flown by and it’s September already. It feels like I’ve been waiting for September to come forever, so while I’m sad to have summer “unofficially” over now that I’m about to start school, I’m also really looking forward to it as well.

Take it easy on myself. I know it’s going to take a couple weeks to get used to my new schedule. It’s been 9 years since I was last in school full time. Spending my time in class and studying instead of at work is going to be a big change. Although I already did the university thing, going back to school has been more nerve wracking than I thought it would be. Final exams are way more scary for me now than they were years ago. Going to school is very different than working for me. When I’m done for the day at work, the evening is mine. I don’t have to worry about work related stuff. However, once I’m done classes for the day I still have reading, studying, and reviewing to do. With school there’s always something that I could be working on. I want to make sure I give myself some grace in the transition. Things aren’t going to be perfect right away, and that’s okay.

Eat as healthy as possible at school. Because I’m going to be spending so much  time at school, I know it’s going to be tougher to make healthy food choices. Will it be tempting to buy a hot chocolate and a donut when I walk past Tim Horton’s on my way to class? Absolutely. I’m planning on making it as easy as possible for me to say no to that though. I bought some Cliff Bars last week for snacks while I’m at school and I get hungry. I have a pocket on the outside of my backpack for my water bottle. I’m planning on making my lunches instead of buying them there.

Get involved. Just like the last time I was in university, I want to get involved on campus. Weather that means joining a club or two, getting a job on campus, or making an effort to get to know people and make some new friends, I want to make sure I take advantage of my time in school. I don’t want to just remember the studying and tests, but also the interesting conversations and fun events as well. I got to know some pretty amazing people when I volunteered at the Campus Women’s Center ten years ago, and I want to make sure that I make use of those same opportunities the second time around.

Now that you know my goals for this month, leave a comment with one of yours. 

September 2015 Goals