Babysitting Cootie Game August 31 2015

My weekend started off on Friday night with a babysitting gig. I always try to bring a game or book with me to keep the girls entertained. I remember as a kid it was always more fun to play with someone else’s toys, so I figure the same goes for other people as well. This time I took Cooties with me. I remember playing with this game when I was a kid at my grandparent’s house in New Jersey when we’d go visit them. I’ve brought it before when I’ve babysat these sisters, but they were still pretty excited to play it again. To be honest it was a pretty easy night. Between wanting to catch bugs outside, a couple games, and two bedtime books, and some TV time on my own, it was a good night.

Farmer's Market Curry August 31 2015

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to head out to the farmer’s market. I picked up some of the curry that I always buy when I’m there. This time I decided to switch it up a but and I went with chicken and veggies instead of vegetarian. I’m trying to eat more protein, so I figured that would be an easy change to make. I also picked up half a dozen Montreal bagels (check out this link for details). They’re so good and infinitely better than any bagel you can find at the grocery store. On the way out I stopped by one my favorite vegetable vendors and got some arugula and tomatoes. I ended up coming home with a pretty good haul from the farmer’s market.

On Sunday I considered going downtown to check out Market Collective. It’s basically an independent market with all kinds of awesome vendors and artists. They all have to apply to get in, so there’s some really great stuff. I was feeling lazy though and taking transit downtown felt like too much work. Check out this post for more about Market Collective. I know this week is going to be crazy in terms of work and school, so I wanted to take advantage of one of the last days I’ll have where I don’t have anything scheduled.

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