Garden Update August 16 2015 (1)


Can you believe that it’s already been two weeks since my last garden update? It feels like August is flying by way too fast. We’ve had a ton of hot and dry weather lately, which has meant high temps and making sure the garden gets watered everyday to keep it from drying out. Needless to say that the plants have been loving all the sunlight and heat.

Garden Update August 16 2015 (2)



The onions have really gotten big over the last couple weeks. Although they’re still small, they’ve almost doubled in size. They’re going to need every last day of growing time, but I think they’ll end up being the biggest onions I’ve ever grown in the garden so far.

Garden Update August 16 2015 (3)


Since I pulled out the last of the radishes the carrots have been getting a lot more sunlight, and they’ve been growing faster. They’re a bit later than usual this year, but I’m sure they’ll be just as tasty as they have been previous years. I can’t wait until I can pull out my first one and give it a try!

Garden Update August 16 2015 (4)


The beans are as pretty as they have been with they’re red flowers. I’ve noticed a few small beans starting to appear, though it will be at least another few weeks before any of them will be ready to eat. I’m thinking by the first or second week of September we’ll have more beans than we’ll know what to do with.


Garden Update August 16 2015 (5)

Even though it’s been hot, the peas have been thriving. They typically don’t do well with the heat, but they’ve been producing lots of pea pods lately. By the end of the month most of them will be done producing and then I’ll pull them out to give the tomatoes a bit more room. I planted two different kinds this year, and you can sure taste the difference between them. One is sweet (which I like better), and the other one isn’t. I definitely prefer the sweet one, so I’m going to be ordering more of those seeds this winter for next spring.

Garden Update August 16 2015 (6)

I have a feeling that we’re finally over the zucchini hump. I was picking them almost daily for awhile, so it’s kind of nice to not have so many. I’ve been giving them away to co-workers and neighbors because there was just too much for us to eat on our own. There’s a few small zucchinis which may or may not grow, so I’m keeping an eye on them. If they don’t get any bigger by the end of the week I’ll be pulling out the zucchini plants to give the Swiss card and beans a bit more room. With the big leaves of the zucchini plants, I’m sure the rest of the garden will appreciate it.

Garden Update August 16 2015 (7)


Tomatoes love hot weather, so they’ve gotten huge over the last week or two. There are lots of little green tomatoes everywhere. There’s a few larger ones that I’m eagerly waiting to start turning red. There’s nothing better than a tomato fresh from the garden, and I can’t wait to eat my first one this summer.

Now that you know how my garden is going, leave a comment with what you’ve been enjoying from yours. 

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