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WIAW Breakfast August 5 2015


Although I usually like my breakfasts to be quick and easy (and don’t require too much thinking until I’m fully awake), I’ve been making some pretty impressive breakfasts lately. This one consisted of two scrambled eggs, some sauteed veggies, and two pieces of toast with strawberry jam. Strawberry jam is my favorite. Although this was a more involved breakfast for me, it actually didn’t take too long to make. I cooked the veggies and eggs in the same pan (once the vegetables were done I put them on my plate and covered it with foil to keep them warm) and then did the eggs.

WIAW Lunch August 5 2015


I found myself at Five Guys for lunch. Five Guys is relatively new here in Canada, they arrived just a few years ago. My dad loves their fries – they’re actually his favorite – so when we made plans to get out for lunch, I wasn’t surprised there were Five Guys fries involved. I ordered a little cheeseburger (it seems to be what I usually get) with ketchup, mustard, pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce. I also grabbed another handful of fries after I finished the ones in the photo above. They’re pretty good actually.

WIAW Dinner August 5 2015


Dinner was barbecued steak kebabs with orange rice. The kebabs had pieces of marinated steak, red and orange bell peppers, and onions on them. I loved the caramelized bits on the onions when they’re cooked in the barbecue. They’re so good! The orange rice is pretty simple to make. I start with minute rice, and instead of using water I make it with orange juice. My mom has been making it ever since since I was little, so it always reminds me of her cooking.

Now that you know what I’ve been eating lately, leave a comment below with one of your recent meals. 

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      I’ll have to let my dad know about the malt vinegar. Orange rice is the best!

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