Weekly Workouts 2

How is it already August? It feels like summer just started, and now there’s only a month left before I go back to school. Luckily it’s a long weekend here in Canada (I don’t think it is in the US, but correct me of I’m wrong my American Friends), so I’m taking advantage of my extra day off today. I wanted to make sure I got this post up though to share my workouts over the last week.

Sunday I did this lower body workout from Gina who blogs over at fitnessista.com to start off the week. It doesn’t require any equipment, so it was nice to not have to fuss with anything. It kicked my butt (literally), so I know I’ll be doing it again.

Monday I went for a walk after work. I also did a little bit of yoga before bed. Since I have to be up at 3:45 on Tuesday mornings I have to go to bed early to make sure I get enough sleep on Monday nights. It’s tough to fall sleep at 8 or 8:30 with the sun still up. I thought doing a bit of yoga before bed would help me wind down. I did a few restorative poses that I’ve done in classes before and it did the trick. I was definitely feeling more relaxed when I got into bed afterwards.

Tuesday I had to be at work early today so I took a rest day.

Wednesday Walk before work. I used to do a lot of early morning walks a few years ago. Getting outside for 30 minutes enjoying some beautiful views before starting my day was pretty awesome. It put me in a good head space for the rest of my day. There were two large hills on the trail I did, so by the time I was done my blood was pumping.

Thursday I just wasn’t feeling a workout this morning, so I took a rest day. I blame a stressful week at work for wanting to turn off my alarm and roll over to sleep for another hour.

Friday I did a full body HIIT workout from an old issue of Shape magazine. I definitely felt it in my butt thanks in part to donkey kicks. They never ever seen like they should be that tough, but once I get half way through my first set I start to feel them.

Saturday I took another rest day.

Now that you know what workouts have been keeping me busy over the last week, leave a comment about one of yours. 

Weekly Workouts