Garden Update July 16 2015 (1)

It’s time for another garden update. I feel like the garden has been going like crazy lately. We’ve been having lots of hot weather with rain/thunderstorms in the afternoons or evenings, so it’s been really good for the plants.

Garden Update July 16 2015 (2)


I haven’t been able to eat the greens as fast as they’re growing. The key to making sure they continue growing all summer long is keeping them cut so that they don’t go to seed. A few have already started making seeds, so I’ll have to make sure I eat more lettuce to keep any more from going the same route.


Garden Update July 16 2015 (3)

The zucchinis are getting huge! I don’t remember them being this big before. So far there’s a few zucchinis have started growing (more on them later in this post). I’m really looking forward to eating them because they’ve been so so good in previous years.

Garden Update July 16 2015 (4)

The tomatoes have been especially loving the hot weather. I’m pretty sure this is about as big as they’ve ever been in the past, so I’m expecting some huge plants this year. I’m hoping that means that I’ll be harvesting lots of tomatoes this summer. There are lots of flowers so I know they’ll be coming sooner rather than later.

Garden Update July 16 2015 (5)


The onions and leeks are slowly but surely getting bigger. They still have a long way to go, so I’m hoping that they’ll be big enough to harvest before the first frost hits. I don’t think I’ve been able to pick full grown onions from the garden yet. They just haven’t had enough time to grow in previous years. However I’ve still eaten them, they’re just smaller than full size ones. Grow, onions, grow!

Garden Update July 16 2015 (6)


Although there are quite a few zucchinis growing, this one was the easiest to get a photo of. I planted two kinds of zucchini plants this year – one’s producing these striped zucchinis and the other two are growing plain green ones. It’ll be interesting to see if they taste any different.

Garden Update July 16 2015 (7)


We had to add another piece onto the back of the garden to make it higher. Both the beans and the peas had reached the top and needed more room to grow. While it doesn’t look great right now, we didn’t think we’d need to any higher. I’ll have to figure something out for next year that looks a little nicer.

Garden Update July 16 2015 (9)


The peas are blooming! Plus I’ve spotted a few small pea pods. In a matter of a week or two I’ll be eating peas straight from the garden. They’re always so good straight off the plants. The peas from the garden are so much sweeter than the ones from the grocery store.

Now that you know how my garden is doing, leave a comment with how yours is growing.

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