As I mentioned yesterday, here’s my review of Jillian Michaels Killer Body DVD (affiliate link). It was a typical Jillian Michaels workout, so if you’ve done her workouts before you know what to expect.

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Jillian Michaels Killer Body DVD Review

Firm Buns and Thighs This is the first workout on the DVD. After a warm up Jillian takes you through 4 or 5 circuits. Each circuit is repeated twice. This ensured that you get both sides (left and right) done if you’re only doing one side of the body at a time (lunges for example). Once all the circuits are completed there’s a cool down with stretching. This workout consisted of lots of squats and lunges. Thankfully there were lots of variations though, so I didn’t get bored. I was sore for a few days afterwards, so I felt like I got in an awesome workout. It took about 35 minutes to complete.

Rock Hard Abs The second workout focused on the core. I had a feeling this was going to be a tough workout going into it, and boy was I right. My abs were on fire by the end of the first circuit. There were lots of different moves besides just plain crunches. Thankfully there was a lot of variation that kept me interested. In addition I also felt like my arms got in a bit of a workout too thanks to some of the plank variations in the 30 minute workout.

Toned Back, Shoulders, and Arms This last workout was probably my favorite from the Killer Body DVD. This workout focused on the upper body, and by the time I was done the 30 minute workout my arms felt like jello. Jillian once again had beginner and advanced modifications with this workout like she did with the other two as well. I like that she combined rows/presses/curls with lower body movements like lunges and squats. You’re never just standing still working your arms, you’re in constant motion. Yes, it’s tough and you have to keep an eye on your form, but it’s definitely worth it to get in an awesome workout.

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Jillian Michaels Killer Body DVD Review