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WIAW Breakfast June 10 2015


I forgot to take a photo of my breakfast. Whoops. Instead I thought I’d use this recycled photo from a few weeks ago. I’ve been on a huge oatmeal kick lately. I think I’ve been making it 5 or 6 times a week for the last month or so. I’m not sure what it is, but when I’m thinking about making breakfast in the morning it sounds delicious. I paired my bowl of oatmeal with some strawberry kiwi apple sauce and vanilla yogurt. I know a lot of people like to add a little something to their oatmeal, and I’m no different. I’ve added berries, raisins, and even peanut butter in the past. This time I added a spoonful of brown sugar to give it a little bit of sweetness.

WIAW Lunch July 8 2015


I was craving some veggies to I put together a salad for lunch. I started with a base of spinach. For some protein I added two hard boiled eggs. I then stopped it off with a few sliced radishes and a handful of cherry tomatoes. I can’t wait until I’m eating salads made of veggies that are all from the garden! Right now I have lettuce and radishes that are ready to be eaten, but I’ll have to wait on the tomatoes – the tomatoes plants are just starting to bloom right now.

WIAW Dinner July 8 2015


I had bought some butter chicken from the farmer’s market a few weeks ago, so I decided it was time to break it out of the freezer. The vendor I bought it from has all kinds of delicious Indian food – from butter chicken to vindaloo chicken to samosas. My favorite dish from him is the butter chicken though. He always throws in a container of rice along with the butter chicken, so I didn’t even have to make that – I just had to pop it in the microwave to heat it up.

Although it’s a bit off topic, I wanted to share that I’ll be sending out email newsletters. Every two weeks I’ll be writing an email about all things fitness, food, and workout related. I’m pretty excited about it and I’d love to have you sign up for it. My first email is being sent out next week, so there’s still time to get signed up before it gets sent (hint: it’ll be about how to workout during hot summer weather).

Leave me a comment telling me your favorite Indian dish.

What I Ate Wednesday

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