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It’s already July- how did that happen? I can’t believe that 2015 is half over. It doesn’t feel like it’s been six months since Christmas.

Before I share my July goals, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite posts here on Get Fit Fiona from June.

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And now onto my July goals!

Read before bed. I have a bad habit of playing on my phone or ipad before I got to sleep. I want to switch that up and replace it with reading. I’m in one of those “awesome books are everywhere” phases, yet I find it tough to find time to read throughout the day. Dedicating some time to it at night would be a great thing to do for me. I’m in the middle of a Philippa Gregory book, I have two Edward Rutherfurd books on my bookshelf, with a couple more on the way (yay for Christmas gift cards). I definitely don’t have a shortage of reading materials.

 Spend more time outside. This was one of my June goals that I failed miserably at. While I get to work outside for one of my jobs, it’s not the same thing as being outside when I’m going for a walk in my favorite park or going for a bike ride. Spending time outside is such a big stress reliever for me, I need to remember to take advantage of it when I’ve had a long day at work or I’m worried about an upcoming test. There are a few really pretty parks within a ten minute drive of where I live. I can check out the river or find a bluff to walk along for a view of the mountains. I have so many choices, I just need to actually do it.

Leave me a comment with a goal of yours for July. 

July 2015 Goals