Where I Find Workouts Online

I have access to quite a few different workout DVD’s on Hoopla which is great, but I’ve also done most of them at least a few times before. Sometimes I need a new workout to get me excited and motivated in the morning. I’m not sure what it is about new workouts, but knowing that I have one scheduled that I haven’t done before gets me looking forward to it. Today I thought I’d share my favorite places online to find new workouts.

Blogs Reading other healthy living blogs gives me some great ideas for workouts. No matter what you’re into (cardio, strength training, yoga, or running), there’s a blog that will provide you with the kinds of workouts that you’re looking for. My current favorite blogs in terms of workouts are My Food n Fitness Diairies and Your Trainer Paige.

Pinterest I love to use Pinterest for workout motivation when I just don’t have it. I simply type “workout” into the search field and I’m met with hundreds of options. This is also a handy way to have a copy of the workout when you’re at the gym. Create a board of workouts and you’ll have them handy on your phone without having to remember what website you saw it on.

Youtube I’ve found great workouts on Youtube that I never would have found otherwise. For the most part I like to know what’s coming in a workout, so having it written out is what I usually go with. But sometimes you need something a little different. Right now I’m digging Blogilates on Youtube.

Magazine Websites I recently started checking out magazine websites to find workouts. I usually save workouts whenever I buy magazines. One day the idea of looking online for their workouts popped into my head. At the moment Shape and Fitness are my current go to choices.

Now that you know where I find my workouts, leave me a comment with were you find yours online. 

Where I Find Workouts Online

3 thoughts on “Where I Find Workouts Online

  • June 29, 2015 at 9:37 am

    i love how there are so many channels these days to find new workout/recipe/motivation ideas! thanks for sharing yours :)

    • July 1, 2015 at 2:25 pm

      There’s lots of different venues for workouts. I love hearing where others find their workouts.

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