It’s Friday! I’m pretty excited the weekend is just about here. I put in some extra time at one of my jobs this week, so I’m more than ready for a couple days off and some down time to relax and recharge.

Anatomy Textbook June 19 2015

I’m about six weeks into my anatomy class now. It’s been a lot of work, but also pretty interesting. We’re covering 2 or 3 chapters a week, each chapter has a powerpoint that we also have to know, along with weekly quizzes and unit tests every three weeks. There’s a lot of content to learn. But I’ve been enjoying just about every minute of it. I find it fascinating, and it makes me feel very confident that I picked the right program. I can’t wait for September to start school full time.

This week I attended a blogging event all about Medicine Hat, a town southeast of Calgary. I’ve never been there before although it’s only a three hour drive. I honestly had no idea how many cool things they had to do there. For a town their size they have a pretty extensive network of paths and parks near the coulees and river. This weekend they’re hosting their jazz festival which apparently has some amazing musicians performing. Considering how close Medicine Hat is, I might have to go exploring there one weekend this summer. Whenever I’ve thought about going on vacation, I’ve always automatically thought west towards the mountains, I’ve never contemplated going east.

It’s been a tough couple weeks with all the dental work I’ve had done. I just booked two more appointments for next month, which are going to be pretty expensive. Thankfully my mouth is feeling much better. I haven’t had to take anything for pain in the last 48 hours! I’m still only eating soft foods and chewing on one side of my mouth, but it’s so much better than it has been. I’ll be very glad once everything is done and I don’t have to set foot in the dentist’s office for another six months.

Even though one of my June goals was to spend more time outside this month, so far I’ve been failing miserably at it. I think it’s been a combination of not feeling well and having lots of homework to do. I still have 11 more days left in the month though, so I’m going to do my best to make sure that I get out for at least a walk most days. There’s so many great parks and paths within a ten minute drive, I really don’t have an excuse.

The Secret Life of Pets trailer was shared with me somewhere on social media this week. I thought it looked pretty cute and I’m kind of looking forward to see it, even though I know I’ll probably be in a theater full of seven year olds. Unfortunately it’s not going to be released until next summer, so I have quite awhile to wait.

Leave me a comment with the highlight of your week. 

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