Weekly Workouts 2


There hasn’t been much happening on the workout front for the last couple weeks. I’ve had some dental work done and I’m still feeling pretty crappy. Whoever told me that getting a root canal is just like getting a filling was blatantly lying to me, because I’ve never had a filling hurt for days on end like this. Because of not feeling very good I haven’t been able to workout much. Just leaning over makes my mouth start to throb, so I definitely wasn’t going to push it.

Sunday was a rest day.

Monday I was feeling pretty good (the best in the last week or 10 days), so I did the Strong Sexy Arms and Low Impact Strength workouts from Cosmobody (check out my review here). They were both pretty short, so I had a combined 25 minute workout. It got my blood moving without being too strenuous.

Tuesday I started work at 5 am so I chose sleep over getting up early to work out.

Wednesday I had another early dental appointment to finish the root canal. Afterwards I was definitely not in the mood to do anything physical. I’m pretty sure I spent most of the day on the couch.

Bowness Park Walk June 11 2015

Thursday I decided to go for a walk down by the river. It was a gorgeous day, so I wanted to take advantage of it. I picked a shady path in lots of trees so it wasn’t too hot. I was out for about an hour, and looking back I probably did a little too much.

Friday was another rest day.

Saturday I needed another rest day.

Having the dental work done makes me appreciate how healthy I normally am. Not being able to do the things that I want to, or having to take meds really puts a damper on things. While I know that dental work is insignificant compared to what a lot of people with major medical issues deal with on a daily basis, I definitely empathize with them a lot more now. I’ll be incredibly grateful once everything is done and I’m feeling back to normal.

Leave me a comment with your favorite workout of the last week. 

Weekly Workouts