How is it already Friday? This week has seriously flown by. And add that it’s already June, I can’t believe how fast time is going.

To be honest this has been a tough week. I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday and found out I have to have some major dental work done. After two and a half hours of work on Wednesday the dentist was only half done, so I’m headed back on Wednesday to have it finished. I’m going to be very glad when it’s all done.

On the bright side the dentist said he was amazed that the tooth wasn’t hurting me a lot more than it was. I guess most other people would have been in a lot more pain so I’m very grateful it wasn’t like that for me. I guess I’m tougher than I thought I was. I’ve been eating lots of soft foods – jello, pudding, popsicles, apple sauce, and oatmeal. Thankfully I’m not sick of it yet.

Planting Garden June 1 2015

I got the garden planted this week! I’m pretty excited that 75% of it is done now. I have the greens, Swiss chard, cabbage, bean and pea seeds all planted. I even saw a few lettuce sprouts start to show up yesterday. I’ve also planted the stuff that I started indoors (tomatoes and zucchinis). They’re going to be pretty happy being outside full time now with lots of room to grow. I just have to get a few more bags of soil for the addition to the garden and I’ll be able to plant seeds in that section as well. I can’t wait for my first backyard grown tomato. I’m going to do another post just about the garden, so look for that next week.

The World Cup starts tomorrow! I can’t wait to see how the tournament turns out. Of course I’d love to see Canada do well, but I think it’s awesome that a women’s sport is on the world stage. I know there’s going to be a lot of inspired girls and teens around the world watching their countries play against some of the most talented soccer players in the world. You can check out the schedule here to see when your favorite countries will be playing.

Speaking of the World Cup, I’m going to Edmonton next week to see Canada take on New Zealand. While I’m in Edmonton I’ll be staying with a good friend. We haven’t seen each other in months, so it’ll be great to get in some quality time. No matter how long it is between visits, it’s like we don’t miss a beat and we carry on from the last time we saw each other.

Leave me a comment with the highlight of your week. 

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