My Favorite YouTube Channels

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite YouTube channels today. I like to hear about what other people are reading and watching when it comes to health and fitness related things, so I thought I’d share some of the things I’m currently enjoying. I’m always on the look out for a new favorite, so maybe one of these will be a new one for you.


I first discovered Cassey about a year ago. I’d heard of her before, but for some reason never checked her out. When I finally did though I found all kinds of great workouts. They’re pretty short (under 10 minutes), which is kind of nice when you’re crunched for time. You can also combine a few of them and get in a super sweaty workout. She’s really peppy, which keeps me motivated and going even when I want to stop early.

The above video is NSFW – there’s a few swears in it. 

Mike Vacanti

I really like Mike’s approach to fitness. He’s all about finding an activity that you enjoy and that you’ll stick with. There’s not one workout that’s better in his eyes. He also thinks that you don’t have to be 100% on target all the time with your diet. I think it’s a great outlook on fitness that won’t leave you burnt out. He posts equals and alternative videos that compares a “healthy” food with “junk” food, and then suggests an alternative. It’s pretty interesting – some of those foods that I thought were good for me don’t compare very well to the junk food.

Sarah Fit

Sarah Fit is my latest YouTube discovery. I found her blog a month or two ago and since then I’ve really been enjoying her videos. I’m more of a reader than a video watcher because I find that they don’t hold my attention. However her videos keep me entertained and informed. She posts everything from workouts to informational videos like the nutrition label one above. She seems very down to earth and like someone I’d hang out with in real life.

Now that you know what I like to watch on YouTube, leave me a link to one of your favorites in the comments. 

My Favorite Youtube Channels