Summer Fashion 2015 May 26 2015

Now that we’re finally starting to get some nice weather here in Calgary, it’s beginning to feel like summer. I’m all about taking off the heavy layers from the winter and getting out the shorts and tank tops again from my closet. I thought I’d share some of the things that I’ve been eyeing on my online travels lately when it comes to clothes.

White capris May 26 2015

I love the look of these (affiliate link) white linen capris. Not only do they look nice and cool, but I also like that crisp white look during the summer. I find that white also goes with so many different things since it’s a neutral.

Polka dot t shirt May 26 2015

There’s just something about polka dots that I can’t resist. It for some reason adds cuteness to whatever they’re on. I saw this t shirt at Reitman’s and almost bought it.

Peplum Tank May 26 2015

I think this peplum tank (affiliate link) from Old Navy is a great twist on the usual tank top. Sometimes I want to dress things up a bit while still being comfortable. With a cute statement necklace and the right skirt I think this would be a super cute date night look. 

A Line Skirt May 26 2015

I know it’s tough to see from the photo, but I really like the floral pattern on this a line skirt. I don’t usually wear a lot of things with a floral prints on them, but I think on this skirt it really works, especially since it’s summer.

Bermuda Shorts

While I wasn’t a big fan of Bermuda shorts until now, they’re growing on me for some reason this year. I think this pair (affiliate link) are pretty cute. They have a classic look to them that I really like.

Stripped T Shirt May 26 2015

I fell in love with the sheer stripes in this t shirt. I usually don’t wear a lot of white (I can’t seem to keep it clean), but when I do it’s on pieces that I really like. I think the stripes add some interest without being overwhelming.

Dress May 26 2015

Over the winter here in Calgary it’s way too cold for me to even think of wearing a dress. I made that mistake once and I’m not going to make it again. However, when the summer comes along that’s a totally different story. I found this dress (affiliate link) that looks really comfy but cute at the same time.

Strappy Dress May 26 2015

I love the stripes on this dress . There’s something about it that just screams summer. If it gets colder at night I think it would be pretty cute with a denim jacket too.

Tunic May 26 2015

Just like with the Bermuda shorts, I haven’t been a big fan of tunics until recently. They’ve been catching my eye lately though. I’ve been close to buying one a few times now, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have at least one before the summer is over. I actually almost bought this one (affiliate link) the last time I was shopping at Old Navy.

Leave me a comment with a piece of summer clothing that you’re loving right now. 

Summer Fashion