Mother's Day Gift Guide May 2 2015

Since Mother’s Day is coming up in just over a week I thought I’d share some of my favorite picks for Mother’s Day gifts. I know I don’t tell my mom how much I love and appreciate her enough throughout the year, I make absolutely sure she knows it on Mother’s Day.

Slippers My mom always has cold feet. The rest of her can be fine, but when it comes to her feet, they’re almost always cold. I got her a pair of warm and comfy slippers a couple Christmases ago that she still loves. I think they were one of her favorite gifts that year. This pair (affiliate link) from Ugg are pretty similar to the ones that I got her.

Time together Take some time out to treat your mom to a dinner or coffee date. Spend time together talking and catching up with each other. I know it’s easy for me to share the big stuff that’s going on in my life with her, but sometimes it’s just nice to sit down and be with each other one on one without any other distractions around.

Shawl Another gift that I got for my mom a couple years ago that she really liked was a shawl. She wears it around the house whenever she gets a little chilly but doesn’t necessarily need another layer. Although the one I got for her was green, the style is pretty similar to this one (affiliate link).

Something for her hobby. My mom loves to read. Growing  up I remember her sneaking a few minutes with a book whenever she could when she wasn’t wrangling my brother and I. I’ve gotten her gift cards for book stores in the past, but now that she reads on her ipad almost exclusively, I’ve been getting her iTunes cards. Whether your mom is a reader, gardener, or a great cook, get her something to use to enjoy a hobby.

Leave me a comment with a gift that you’ve gotten your mom that she’s loved. 

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide