Weekly Workouts 2


Sunday I decided to go with Lee’s sexy arms dumbbell circuit workout. You can find the workout on her blog Fit Foodie Finds here. By the time I was done my shoulders and triceps were burning. It was a pretty intense but short workout, which is exactly what I like. You can find more workouts that I’ve pinned on my Pinterest board here.

Monday I ended up cutting my 4 day weekend short and went into work. While I missed out on a workout, my bank account is thanking me.

Tuesday This was another super early day for work, so I took a rest day.

Wednesday Once I was done work I went home to change and then went for a walk. It was beautiful out and I didn’t want to miss out on it. It’s been a long winter, so I’m all about soaking up as much sunshine as I can right now.

Thursday Although I had my alarm set to workout, I just couldn’t get myself to wake up. By the time I finally got out of bed I didn’t have enough time left for a workout, so I took another rest day.

Friday By the time I was done work for the week I knew I wanted to get outside again. Even though I work outside for one of my jobs (and I really love it), it’s not quite the same as going for a walk or a hike and enjoying myself. I went down my the river to take advantage of the pathways for walk. It felt like half of Calgary had the same idea because it was pretty busy.

Saturday I didn’t have a workout planned, and it took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to do. I finally decided on a Barre 3 online workout. I did the 30 minute Total Body Tone and really liked it. Since I know I’ll be spending more time outside over the spring and summer, I decided to cancel on Barre 3 online workouts. I’ll still have access to them until the end of the month, so I’ll be trying to fit as many in as I can.

Do your workouts change with the seasons? 

Weekly Workouts: April 5 to 11 2015