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WIAW Breakfast April 8 2015


Breakfast was a variation on my usual. Instead of cereal I had a homemade apple muffin. It was so good, which chunks of apples in it. I put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds to warm it up. Some mornings you just need something warm to eat. Along with the muffin I also had some vanilla yogurt with frozen berries on top. I love when the berries make the yogurt a little thicker because they’re so cold. It’s almost like eating Greek yogurt without all the sugar. I also had a Granny Smith apple to round out the meal.

WIAW Lunch April 8 2015


Although this is a recycled photo, this is essentially what my salad looked like that I ate for lunch. Instead of Caesar dressing I used poppy seed though. Spinach + poppy seed dressing = delicious. There’s something so great about having something crunchy in salads. This time it was cucumber. I think it’s mixing up the texture that I enjoy. I also had a piece of multi grain bread on the side (not pictured).

WIAW Dinner April 8 2015


Dinner was my favorite vegan ginger “chicken”. It’s actually made from soy beans. I cooked the ginger “chicken” up with some frozen veggies and brown rice. There’s an amazing Thai vegan restaurant in Calgary (Heart’s Choices). They also sell their frozen food at the Calgary farmer’s market. I’ve had the chance to talk to both of the owners and they’re so helpful and willing to share how to cook things if I’m not sure how to do it myself.

Leave me a comment with your favorite salad ingredient. 

What I Ate Wednesday

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