Jessica Smith’s 10 Lbs Down DVD contains three twenty minute workouts. Each workout focuses on a different area of the body. Don’t be fooled, even though they’re only 20 minutes long I was pretty sweaty after I finished each one. They reminded me of Jillian Michaels workouts. They might be short but you’re working hard every single second.

Workout #1 focused on the upper body. Each workout is composed of several circuits that are each done twice. I like that Jessica starts with the easiest way to do each move, and then gradually shows two harder modifications. I think that’s a great way to do it, as you can make sure your form is on point before you make it tougher if you want to. My favorite move from this workout was a variation on tricep kickbacks. Dumbbells and a yoga mat were the needed for this one.

Workout #2 was all about the lower body. There was lots of variety in moves (it wasn’t just the usual squats and lunges), as well as little twists on them to make it more interesting. My favorite exercise from this workout were the skaters. Since there’s no required equipment (dumbbells are optional), I thought this would be an ideal workout to do while travelling. The only complaint I have about this one is that I wished there was more of cool down. It was definitely a tough workout as I was sore the next day.

Workout #3 was a hard abs focused workout. My core were on fire the entire time. I even had to take a break or two. Twice throughout the workout Jessica added a cardio section, which was kind of nice. The only equipment needed for this workout was a yoga mat. My favorite move from this workout was a variation on mountain climbers. Not only did they work my abs, but also my shoulders and legs.

I thought Jessica Smith’s 10 Lbs Down DVD was great. If you’re short on time you can pick just one, or if you want a full body workout combine all three together for a sweaty workout session. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced when it comes to fitness, I think you’ll find something to challenge you in these workouts.

Have you tried any of Jessica Smith’s DVD’s?

Jessica Smith’s 10 lbs Down DVD Review