Weekly Workouts 2

Sunday I took advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk in one of my favorite parks. I’m not quite sure what it is about going for walks, but they’re good for me when I want to think about things. I was out there for a about an hour and I was walking at a pretty good pace the entire time. There’s such pretty views of the river and even the mountains (if it’s not cloudy).

Bowmont March 29 2015

Monday I did the upper body workout from Jessica Smith’s 10 Lbs Down DVD (affiliate link).Even though it was only 20 minutes long I felt like I got in a great workout. Jessica is a tough trainer. To make such short workouts she keeps you moving every single second. It reminded me of a Jillian Michaels style workout. My shoulders were sore the day after.

Bowmont Crocus March 31 2015

Tuesday I went for another beautiful walk. I was pretty excited because I saw my first crocus blooming! As I got more into the area where they grow I was seeing them everywhere. While not all of them were blooming yet, I’m sure they will be in another week or two. It’s going to be beautiful to see all the purple and yellow everywhere. It finally feels like spring is coming as crocus are the first things that bloom here.

Wednesday I took a rest day.

Thursday I also took Thursday as a rest day as well.

Friday I did another workout from Jessica Smith’s 10 Lbs Down DVD, but this time the lower body one. There were the usual squats and lunges, but she also added some other creative moves that I appreciated. Sometimes leg workouts can start to all look the same, but this one was different which I appreciated.

Saturday I decided to do the last workout on the Jessica Smith’s 10 Lbs Down DVD, which was the abs workout. I’m not going to lie, it was hard. My abs were on fire within minutes, and it didn’t let up until the workout was over. Jessica managed to keep the core work interesting by changing things up a bit. She also added in some cardio, so that broke it up as well. Before I knew it I was done and pretty sweaty.

Now that you know what my workouts looked like this week, leave me a comment with one of your favorites. 

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Weekly Workouts: March 29 to April 4 2015