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Sunday March 15 I did workout #3 of Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix (affiliate link). While the Kickbox Fastfix wasn’t one of my favourite DVD’s, I was pretty sweaty by the time I was done, so it must have done something right. Plus it was a quick workout at only 20 minutes, so it was nice to have it over and done so I could get on with my Sunday morning.

Monday March 16 I tried Flat Abs Pilates (affiliate link) for the first time. I did the first Flat Abs workout that clocked in at 20 minutes. It’s a good thing it was short because by the time I was done my abs were on fire. It’s amazing how many different ways my core was worked without doing a single crunch. While I’d done Pilates before with a book, it was my first time following along with a DVD. I have to admit that I enjoyed it. I know I’ll be doing more of of these in the future.

Tuesday March 17 This was my early day at work so I took a rest day. I did walk a few blocks to and from the train station to a meetup.com meet up though, so I got at least a little bit of activity in.

Bowmont Walk March 2014 (2)

Wednesday March 18 Instead of workout out in the morning before work I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and go for a walk after I was done work. I’ve walked along this route probably a hundred times before, but the river is always so pretty, I feel myself drawn to it. I’m so glad the weather is slowly but surely improving and spring is on the way.

Thursday March 19 I was pretty tired this morning, so when my alarm went off I couldn’t get myself out of bed. I skipped my workout, slept for 45 more minutes, and then got up to get ready for work.

Friday March 20 Usually I finish work a bit earlier on Fridays. I took advantage of that by going for another walk even though it was cold and snowing on and off. It wasn’t too long but I’m glad I was able to get outside and move.

Saturday March 21 I had plans to do a Pilates workout, but sleep won again and I slept in instead. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been exhausted this week. I’m hoping I’m able to get enough sleep this weekend to turn things around for the upcoming week.

Now that you know my workouts, share one of yours in the comments below. 

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Weekly Workouts March 15 to 21 2015

2 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts March 15 to 21 2015

  • March 22, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    Hi Fiona. Those are some beautiful river views you get on your walk. I should walk more outdoors, it really makes you feel better. Right now the cherry trees are in full bloom, I had a little walk among them even though it was raining (this IS Seattle after all).

    • March 23, 2015 at 7:54 am

      I bet the cherry trees are beautiful! We have an apple tree at one of my workplaces, and it’s always so pretty when it’s blooming.

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