WIAW-2015_thumb.pngThanks to Jenn and Meghan for hosing What I Ate Wednesday this week.

WIAW Breakfast March 18 2015

Breakfast consisted of something a little different for me. Instead of my usual cereal I switched it up with an English muffin with margarine. English muffins always feel like a treat for me, so when I saw them in the pantry I knew I had to have one. I’d forgotten than I’d picked them up at the grocery store the day before. I should probably get them more often as they’re so fast and quick to make. It’s also kind of nice to have something hot to eat in the mornings. I also had some vanilla yogurt and a Granny Smith Apple to round out my meal.

WIAW Lunch March 18 2015

Apparently I was all about the apples, because I had another one at lunch. I paired it with some turkey lunch meat, mozzarella cheese, and melba toasts. I was craving something crunchier than a sandwich, so I thought crackers were the way to go. Although it was a really simple meal, it hit the spot. I need to remember how good something like this can be. Meals don’t always have to be fancy to taste good.

WIAW Dinner March 18 2015

For dinner I cooked up some of my favorite Thai vegan food – ginger “chicken”, which is actually made out of soybeans. It comes frozen and is ready to eat within 10 minutes of heating it up on the stove. I ate it over a bed of brown rice. I’ve been on a brown rice kick lately. I forgot that the texture is a bit different, which I actually like better over white rice. I think next time I’d add some stir fry veggies. I usually get some sort of Thai vegan food whenever I’m at the farmer’s market. It’s tough to walk past their stall without stopping to look, which usually leads to me buying something.

Leave me a comment with your favorite easy meal. What’s one thing you always get when you go to the farmer’s market?




What I Ate Wednesday

3 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  • March 18, 2015 at 8:20 am

    Sometimes I think the best meals are the simplest to make, especially snack plates. Those are some of my favorites. Give me some fruit, cheese, crackers and hummus and I am a happy camper.

    • March 18, 2015 at 8:23 am

      Yes! That`s one of my favorite meals during the summer when I don`t feel like eating anything too heavy.

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