WIAW 2015

Thanks to Jenn and Arman for hosting What I Ate Wednesday!

WIAW Breakfast March 11 2015

For breakfast I threw together some Oatmeal Crisp cereal, vanilla yogurt, and fruit. I’d bought the fruit the day before at the grocery store. It turned out to be delicious (every once in awhile one of the fruits isn’t that great). The grapes were particularly awesome. I need to get them more often, as they’re not something that I typically get.

After I got home from work (I start super early so I’m done by noon and have the afternoons for homework and school) I was starving, so while I was making lunch I ate a new to me flavour of Larabar. I tried the blueberry one and really like it. I still think the cashew variety is my favourite though, but blueberry is a close second.

WIAW Lunch March 11 2015

I heated up a chicken curry that I got from one of my favourite places at the farmer’s market over the weekend. There were big chunks of veggies and potatoes along with chicken and peanuts. I always go with the mild curry, the spicy one that I sampled is just too hot for me. I made some rice to go with it and soak up the curry goodness. It hit the spot and I was good until dinner.


WIAW DinnerMarch 11 2015

Although this is a recycled photo, this is what I had for dinner – cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce. I don’t know what it is about tortellini, but I feel like it’s a step up from “regular” pasta and always feel kind of fancy eating it. I tried a new alfredo sauce which I really liked and will be getting again.  I also had a salad on the side. It had spinach, cherry tomatoes, and carrots in it and then I topped it with some salad dressing.

Do you like mild or spicy food?

What I Ate Wednesday

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  • March 11, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    Yum I love spicy food! Thanks for sharing your WIAW – it’s always so fun to see what others eat and share my own (though this week was somewhat boring with me being sick).

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