Weekly Workouts 2

Sunday March 1st I decided to try Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix (affiliate link). I’ve enjoyed doing Tae Bo in the past so I thought I’d like this as well. Workout 1 on the DVD includes a 15 minute tutorial that gives you the basics on the different kicks and punches. After than there was a 20 minute upper body workout.

Monday March 2nd I stuck with kickboxing again and did the second workout on the DVD. It was a lower body workout this time so there was lots of lunges and squats. Squats are one of my favourite moves for some reason, so I really liked this workout. Before I knew it the 20 minutes were over and I was a hot and sweaty mess.

Tuesday March 3rd This was an early work day so I took a rest day.

Wednesday March 4 I didn’t sleep very well on Tuesday night, so when my alarm went off I turned it off and rolled over to go back to bed. Haha, there was no way I was giving up sleep to workout!

Thursday March 5  This was another really early work day so I took the day off again.

Friday March 6 It was an absolutely gorgeous day out so I decided to go for a walk for my workout. It’s finally starting to feel like spring. The days are getting longer and the snow is slowly melting. I was looking everywhere, hoping to see some crocus starting to come up, but I didn’t have any luck. I’m going to be pretty excited when I see my first one. They’re the first thing to bloom after the cold, long winter.

Saturday March 7 I took another rest day today. I was up early but it had been a long week. I just wanted to take it easy this morning. It’s another pretty day out, so I might head out for another walk this afternoon though.

Do you like kickboxing? What was your favourite workout this week?

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Weekly Workouts March 1 to 7 2015

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  • March 8, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    Wow I haven’t done kickboxing in I can’t remember when! I was excited because I got to do yoga twice this week which is very rare!

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