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Weekly Workouts 2

Sunday, February 22 I started off the week with a rest day. Last week was crazy busy, so I needed a day where I could sleep in and not worry about getting up in time to get in a workout. It felt pretty luxurious to be able to do that.

Monday, February 23 I did this upper body superset workout from Julie’s blog, (scroll down halfway through the post to find it). My arms were burning by the time I was done, so I know I worked hard at it. It was my first time doing this workout, which I really enjoyed so I can see myself putting this one into my rotation regularly.

Tuesday, February 24 This was one of my super early days at work so I took a rest day.

Wednesday, February 25 My alarm went off, I press snoozed, and then I decided to stay in bed rather than workout. I was just exhausted and just needed more sleep.

Confederation Park February 2015

Thursday, February 26 After I got home from work and ate I went for a walk. It was deceptively cold out because the sun was shining, but it was pretty windy. It was nice to get outside though. I walk a lot more when it’s not cold and snowy. This winter has felt like forever, so I’m more than ready to spend more time outside over the spring and summer.

Friday, February 27 I ended up doing a Jillian Michaels workout, but I can’t remember which one because I didn’t write it down. I can’t believe I can’t remember something from only 48 hours ago, but it’s gone. However, I do remember than I was super sweaty by the time I was done, so whatever workout I did, it must have been good.

Saturday, February 28 After getting up early all week for work I decided to not set my alarm and let myself sleep in instead of workout.

Hemp Hearts Giveaway Winner

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Granola February 25 2015 (1)

I’m happy to share that Brenda won the hemp hearts giveaway! As the contest closed last night at midnight this morning I put the names in a hat and picked out Brenda’s. Congrats!

Weekly Workouts February 22 to 28, 2015

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  • March 1, 2015 at 6:39 pm

    Good for you for listening to your body!!

    • March 2, 2015 at 8:31 am

      Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I wasn’t sleeping very well last week either, so I really needed the extra sleep!

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