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 Jillian Michaels Hard Body DVD Review

I’ve recently tried Jillian Michaels Hard Body (affiliate link) DVD so I thought it would be a good opportunity to review it. I have to start off by saying that I don’t think this DVD is a good choice for beginners. There’s other Jillian Michael’s workouts that I think would be more appropriate for those just starting out on their fitness journey. I would recomend the 30 Day Shred in that case. That being said, if you’re looking for a couple workouts that will get you sweaty, this is just what you need.

Workout 1

The first workout was 45 minutes long. It ended up going by fairly quickly, which was nice. It contained a mix of strength training, cardio, and abs, just like the other Jillian Michael’s DVD’s that I’ve done. I like that for every move there were modifications – both easier and harder. I thought that was a great feature. Sometimes that meant not going as deep into the movement. Other times it was simply making it low impact so that you could focus on good form.

Both workouts went through 6 or 7 circuits twice. By the time you’re half way through you’ve already done all the exercises once and you have an idea of how to do them. The only thing that I disliked about this layout was that a couple times I couldn’t remember which side I’d done the exercise on the first time. I think I would have liked to do both sides at once instead of 20 minutes apart.

Although in the DVD she used three different sized dumbbells, I used my 3 pound ones for the entire workout. Although it might have been a bit light for some of the moves, but I didn’t want to stop the workout to go get my five pound ones.

Workout 2

The second workout contained on Hard Body was definitely tougher than the first. It was also five minutes longer at 50 minutes. I was pretty exhausted by the time I was done. I was still sore two days later so I know that this workout really kicked my butt. For workout two I went down to two pound weights because I knew it was going to be harder than the first one.

One thing that I like about all of Jillian’s workouts is that she combines different exercises, so you’re working smaller muscle groups with larger ones. For example, she’ll have you doing lunges with bicep curls. I think you get more bang for your buck this way by working as many muscles as possible in the shortest amount of time.

All in all I really like Jillian Michaels Hard Body (affiliate link) if you’ve been working out consistently for awhile and you want a tough workout. I think there are better choices of workouts out there if you’re a beginner.

Does this Jillian Michael’s Hard body DVD review make you want to try it?Do you have a favorite workout DVD? Tell me what it is in the comments.

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Jillian Michael’s Hard Body DVD Review

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