Weekly Workouts 2

As much as I enjoy the holidays, spending time with family and friends, and a few days off from work, it’s also kind of nice to get back to the usual. That’s exactly what this week was for me and I soaked it up as much as I could. My weekly workouts definitely indicate that things are back to normal for me, as I got in four instead of my usual three!

Free Body Barre Studio Class

Before I jump in with my workouts, I wanted to let my Calgary readers know that there’s a free Body Barre Studio class happening tomorrow. It’s going on at the Lulu Lemon at Market Mall, from 9:30 to 11:30 tomorrow, Sunday January 11th. I’ve been to one or two of their classes there previously and it’s always been an awesome workout. The only things you need to bring with you is a yoga mat and water. If you end up going let me know what you thought of it!

Sunday, January 4

I decided I wanted to focus on the Ripped in 30 DVD workouts by Jillian Michaels this week. I really like how she incorporates strength, cardio, and core work into each workout. I feel like it lets me get a great balanced workout in a shorter amount of time. Sunday I did the first workout on the DVD.

Wednesday, January 7

A few days later I did the second workout on the Ripped in 30 DVD. I was expecting this one to be a lot tougher than the first one, but it surprisingly wasn’t. Not that I’m complaining though, any workout with Jillian Michaels is an intense one.

Barre 3 Workout January 8 2015

Thursday, January 8

It had been over a week since I’d done a Barre 3 online workout, so I thought I’d fit one in. This time I decided on the Barre 3 Posture class.  It was a quick 30 minute workout, but as usual My arms and legs were burning at parts and I was a sweaty mess when I was done. This video only had one instructor, so while she gave beginner and advanced modifications, I kind of missed seeing someone in the video actually doing the modifications.

Friday, January 9

I did the third workout from Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 (affiliate link) to end the week. It was definitely tougher than the first two workouts, so I was super sweaty by the end of the 30 minute workout. I have one more to try on this DVD, and I have to say that so far these are some of my favourite workouts from Jillian Michaels.

What was your favourite workout this week? Tell me about it in the comments.

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Weekly Workouts: Back to Normal