My Favourite Blogs October 27 2014

Everyone has their favourite blogs. If you’re anything like me they slowly change over time. My interests shift or the blogs change, and before you know it I’ve deleted a few from my reader and added a bunch of new ones. I thought I’d share some of my favourite blogs that I’m loving right now.

Tina Reale Yoga Although she took some time away from blogging, she’s back and with all kinds of great yoga content to boot. I especially like her posts where she breaks down different postures. Who knew there was so much to think about in down dog or cobra? I also like reading about her journey towards becoming a yoga teacher. I find she’s down to earth and honest about her yoga practice. There’s no pretentious, “must have the right yoga mat” stuff here.

By Regina I ended up finding her blog through Pinterest. I was looking for information on how to make a blogging business plan (if you’re curious, it’s here). Little did I know that when I clicked on the link I would find so much awesome information. She explains things clearly and in a way my non-business oriented mind can understand. I’ve participated in a webinar with her and she was great at answering questions that we had. If you’re interested in blogging/creative entrepreneurship/being your own boss, this blog is a must read.

Budget Bytes This is another blog that I found on Pinterest. I was looking for a salad recipe to take to a friend’s place, and I ended up deciding on her summer vegetable pasta salad. I was expecting to bring home leftovers because the recipe made a pretty big salad, but it ended up being popular and I only brought home an empty bowl. She creates recipes that are budget friendly and made with ingredients I can easily find at the grocery store. I’ve made everything from chilli to pasta dishes from her blog and they’ve all turned out delicious.

Leave me a comment telling me about one of your favourite blogs.

My Favourite Blogs

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