Even though it’s felt like this week flew by, it also feels like lots has happened. Maybe that’s why it’s felt so fast?

Fortune Cookie October 17 2014

I had Chinese food and at the end of the meal when I opened my fortune cookie, I got a pretty cool fortune. Lucky for me November starts in just a few days.

Birthday Wine and Cheese October 21 2014

Mom mom’s birthday was this week. My gift to her was wine and cheese. I got her a couple of her favourite cheeses, as well as some new to her to try. Her favourites were brie, cranberry goat cheese, and wine cheese. In addition there were a couple other cheeses and some delicious wine (it was on the sweet side).

Birthday Sushi October 21 2014

Sushi is one of her favourite meals, so we got sushi take out. We got her favourites, which was all really tasty. Besides the rolls, we also got tempura yams, gyoza, and spring rolls. All in all I think she had a great birthday. It was really nice to spend some time together as a family.

Taiko Taco Food Truck October 24 2014

Friday night was date night. The boyfriend and I headed downtown to check out some food trucks. A new bridge was just opened that crosses the river that goes across the river just north of downtown. The food trucks were on either end of the bridge to celebrate it’s new opening.

There was quite a selection of food trucks – everything from fish to salads to curry. We decided in Taiko Taco. I ordered the ginger beef tacos. They were absolutely amazing. My boyfriend had the pork belly ones and said that were really good too. I think I’ll try them next time. By the time we were done eating and walking back it was getting pretty cold. It definitely feels like winter is on the way.

Leave me a comment telling me about the highlight of your week.

Fortune Cookies, Wine, and Food Trucks