Weekly Workouts

My workouts were a lifesaver for me this week. Between school and work I’ve been pretty stressed out lately. Giving myself some time to focus on myself and do something good for me made all the difference.

Monday – I decided to go for a walk. The weather is still relatively nice (no snow), even though it’s cooling down, so I thought I’d take advantage of it. I know the snow will be here before I know it. I was out for 45 minutes and had a great pace going the whole time.

Wednesday – I’d been wanting to get back to a yin yoga class with a really great teacher on Wednesday afternoons, but it just hadn’t worked out the last few weeks. Luckily I managed to get there this week, and I even brought my dad with me. It ended up being a great class like I was expecting. I even made some progress with my tight shoulders. Woohoo!

Friday – I did the Standing Slim Barre 3 class. I’m loving the online classes. I can pick what length of class I want, so I can pick something a little shorter if I pressed the snooze button one too many times. I was really feeling it in my butt by the time I finished this class. I’d like to get in at least two barre workouts each week, so hopefully next week it’ll happen.

Bowmont October 25 2014

Saturday – I went for another walk this morning. The forecast has snow this coming week, so I knew I wanted to get outside. It was definitely cooler than earlier in the week, so I ended up turning back before I was planning to. Even with my jacket hood up my cheeks and ears were pretty cold.

What was your toughest workout this week? Leave me a comment telling me about it.

Weekly Workouts