Core Yoga October 14 2014


I’ve done this DVD a few times now and I thought I’d review it. Tia Mowry’s Core Yoga with Tara Stiles (affiliate link) is a great overall yoga practice. Although it specifies core in the title, I don’t think my abs felt specifically worked – or more than in any other yoga practice.

I thought it was great overall. Some of the poses are held for longer, which lets you really get into the pose. There are a lot of down dog’s in this DVD. I find them a tougher pose than others. For that reason I think it would be useful if you have at least a little bit of yoga experience before doing Core Yoga. Proper alignment is so important for yoga, and you don’t want to injure yourself because you don’t know what a pose is supposed to feel like. So while I agree that it’s suitable for beginners, I think you should have gone to at least a few classes before trying this on your own.

I will say that I thought the cuing was great. There were reminders about where hands and feet should be positioned and where you should feel stretches in your body. In addition, I liked that there were also modifications given. Not every pose will be suitable for everyone’s body. Especially as Core Yoga is advertised for beginners, I was glad to see that different variations for poses were given.

The practice was 45 minutes long, which I thought was a great length. In my head an hour long workout out sounds so long, and I worry about if I can fit it into my day, but for some reason 45 minutes sounds so much more doable.

Tia Mowrys Core Yoga DVD Review

The one thing that I found annoying about Core Yoga was how much talking there was. While I thought there was great instruction on how to get into and out of poses, I found the chatter between Tia Mowry and Tara Stiles unnecessary and annoying after you’ve done the DVD a few times. Maybe it’s because I like my yoga practices to be more on the quiet side (I don’t like music playing most of the time), but I found the talking distracting.

Have you tried Tia Mowry’s Core Yoga with Tara Stiles DVD? What’s your favourite yoga DVD to do at home?

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Tia Mowry’s Core Yoga with Tara Stiles DVD Review