Weekly Workouts

It’s Saturday, so that means it’s time for my Weekly Workouts post. This past week has been pretty laid back in terms of workouts. It’s my second week of doing Barre 3. I’m still really enjoying it a lot. I also went to my first restorative yoga class in almost a year.

Monday – I did the Standing Slim II Barre 3 video. It was a 30 minute full body workout. A ball and weights were optional (I decided not to use them), and all I needed was something to hang on to. I used a piece of furniture. I was pretty sweaty by the time I was done. I keep finding it surprising how much of a workout it is even when it doesn’t feel like I’m doing much.

Wednesday – Barre 3 Re-energize was the plan. It was also a 30 minute workout, and didn’t require any equipment other than something waist high to grab on to. I liked this one because each of the three people in the video lead part of it. The other two in the background also showed modifications (easier and harder) when they weren’t leading, so no matter what your fitness level, there was something for you.

Friday – I finally went to a restorative yoga class. There’s two studios that I usually go to, and they have restorative classes Wednesday and Friday nights. I’ve been meaning to go to one for weeks (possibly a month or two), but it just hasn’t happened. Until yesterday that is.

While I’ve taken quite a few restorative classes before, this class was a new experience for me. The teacher liked to talk a lot, while I’m used to teachers who only say as much to get you into the pose and then have silence until it’s time to come out of it. While he had a lot of great information to share, I kind of wanted more quiet time. I definitely left feeling more relaxed though, so it was a success.

Have you ever tried barre classes? What’s your favourite kind of yoga class?

Weekly Workouts