I’m pretty excited that it’s the Friday of a long weekend. Woohoo! It always seems that long weekends always come when I need them the most. It’s felt like it’s been  a really long week. I’m looking forward to having some much needed down time.

Lunch October 10 2014

My weekend started when I finished up at school at 1 and went to meet my parents for lunch. We decided on Hudson’s, where I ordered the avocado bacon burger. It was really good, but pretty big. I had a Stiegl radler to go with it. Is there any better combination than beer and a burger?

I've Got your Number by Sophie Kinsella October 10 2014

I had a Sophie Kinsella book on hold at the library. This week I got an email that I’ve Got Your Number (affiliate link) was in so I picked it up and I’ve started reading it. Everyone once in awhile I need something fun and light hearted to read. This was definitely the right choice. I’ve read quite a few of Sophie’s books, and so far I haven’t read a bad one.

Barre Ball October 10 2014 (1)

A week or two ago I ordered a barre ball from Amazon. I’ve signed up for Barre 3 workouts and I’ve really been enjoying them. I did my first barre workout a few months ago, and I have to admit that I think I’m hooked now. Although it doesn’t require much equipment, I decided to get a ball. So far I’ve only used it once, but I could tell that my movements were more deliberate using it, rather than not having it.

This weekend is Thanksgiving. We’ve gone back and forth on whether we wanted to make dinner at the house or go out. The consensus is now that we’re going for dinner. Although I’ll miss having a traditional homemade turkey dinner, it’s spending time with family that matters, and that will still be happening. Just minus the prep work before and the dishes after.

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