Let’s pretend today is Friday, shall we? Then I won’t have to explain why this post is a day late.

Red Velvet Cake September 2014 (2)

I made a red velvet cake for the first time. When I say made, I actually mean I used a boxed mix. Most of the time I’m ambitious with my baking, but I wasn’t feeling it that day. It was really good, so if you’re like me and you haven’t tried it, get your hands on a piece!


I love scary movies, so whenever a new one gets released in theatres I’m pretty excited. I’m definitely looking forward to Annabelle. I’m sure there have been movies about creepy dolls before, but I haven’t seen any of them.  I’m probably going to try to see this one sometime next week.

Dairy Free Chocolate Bar September 28 2014

The vendor that I get my Thai vegan “chicken” and curry from at the farmer’s market always has great stuff that I’ve never heard of before. Last time she threw in this white chocolate candy bar with the other stuff I got. While it wasn’t my favourite, if you’re vegan it would have definitely been better than nothing.

Bath and Body Works September 2014

I ended up coming home with these from the mall. Vanilla is one of my all time favourite scents. It just seems to fresh and clean to me. So I got two body creams and a hand soap. I haven’t started using the soap yet, but I’m really enjoying the body cream so far.

Birthday Cake M and M's September 2014

My boyfriend picked up these birthday cake M&M’s for me at a candy store in Canmore. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, but they turned out to be really good. I’ve never seen these in stores here, but then again Canada doesn’t get a lot of the different stuff that the US has.

What’s the last movie you saw at the theatre?

Fun Facts Friday . . . A Day Late